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Encouraging and motivating all sectors of New Zealand society to work towards a target of Zero Waste.

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Thinking about organising a Zerowaste event?

4 September 2013

Some useful guides have been added to help guide you in organising a successful zerowaste event.

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Looking for Ways to Reduce Your Waste This Holiday?

5 December 2012

The Auckland Community Zero Waste Alliance will be out and about helping people around Auckland with reducing their waste. For more information about reducing your waste, check out the page below!

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Auckland Community Zero Waste Alliance

6 December 2012

The Auckland Community Zero Waste Alliance is a group of individuals and organisations who REALLY don't like waste. Find out more and get involved.

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Get Involved! Auckland Councils Proposed Waste Management and Minimisation Plan

10 November 2011

Auckland Council is proposing a new system for household waste collection. Read more to get informed and take part in shaping the future of Auckland waste management and minimisation.

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Don't Recycle- Reuse!

30 March 2012

We all know the benefits of recycling used paper instead of sending it to landfill. But a recent trial of a laser ‘unprinter’ at Cambridge University reveals that it may be possible to render paper fit for reuse ahead of recycling. Read on for details.

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UPDATE: Reusable nappies are better for the environment by up to 40%

20 March 2012

New lifecycle assessment report by the UK's Environment Agency determines reusable nappies are better for the environment than disposables. Read on for more information.

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New Zealand Television is Going Digital! So What About My Old TV?

9 March 2012

Starting 30 September 2012, New Zealand is transitioning to digital television. So what does this mean for your old analogue TV? Read on for information on how to responsibly make the switch.

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UPDATED: E-waste Recycling

13 September 2011

Electronic waste (e-waste) is one of the fastest growing waste streams around the world . All electronic products from motorised toothbrushes to computers and refrigerators contribute to e-waste at the end of their useful lives.

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Circuit board recycling, the new gold mining

13 September 2011

Recycling resources in a verified and responsible way

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Waste Minimisation Act

16 December 2008

The WASTE MINIMISATION ACT 2008 which passed in September 2008 contains two main provisions: a waste levy and stewardship provisions.

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Climate Change, Sustainability, and Waste

"Zero Waste" and Climate Change are directly related - adopt the philosophy and the practices, and you are on the pathway to reducing your green-house gas emissions!
Waste-saving tips for your home, at work, out and about, and for your green shopping!

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"BPA Free"? What's all the fuss?

19 June 2012

Have you seen the phrase “BPA Free” around your local grocery store and wondered what it means? Did you know you could absorb bisphenol A (BPA) by handling cash register receipts? Should this be something you are worried about? Read on for details.

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